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About us:

SBB Vacuum group has many years of experience working with leading manufacturers of equipment and freeze-dried products. Together with machine-building enterprises, we manufacture freeze-driers, carry out architectural supervision of their commissioning, develop energy-saving drying modes, and introduce innovative technologies for the production of a wide range of freeze-dried food products

Currently, the head of our company is professor Semenov Gennadiy.

Our team does the following:

- development of designs of freeze-driers installations, control of the freeze-drying process, heat and mass transfer in the process of freeze-drying;

- technology development of freeze-dried food products (meat and meat products, fermented milk products, first and second ready meals, fruits, vegetables, berries);

- training of personnel to work on freeze-driers,study of the basics of freeze-drying and process control.


Our partner - Freeze-drying plant in Borovsk

Industrial freeze-driers at our Turkish partner «DRYFF DRIED FOOD INDUSTRY STOCK JOINT COMPANY»

Laboratory freeze dryer for studying drying processes in the range pressures from 20 to 3000 Pa, under conditions of radiation energy supply

One of our developments is a freeze-driers with loading of raw materials up to 80 kg, cooling / heating shelves in the chamber

Advantages of freeze-dried products

The main features, advantages and possible applications of freeze drying are illustrated and justified by the following factors:

Freeze-dried products

Freeze-dried vegetables

Freeze-dried raspberry

freeze-dried fruits

Freeze-dried blackberry

Freeze-dried vegetables

Freeze-dried products

Freeze-dried fruits and berries