Our team published an article “Freezing strawberries when exposed to acoustic microvibrations” in the magazine “Refrigeration equipment” No. 4., 2019, p. 40-43.

The effect of micro-vibration on the structure of strawberries is defined in this article. Strawberries were frozen in two ways. One-half of strawberries were frozen at -30°C under conditions of convective heat exchange. The other half of strawberries were frozen under the same conditions with an additional effect on the strawberries of micro-vibrations created in the air of the freezer. A digital frequency synthesizer that generates 250 W/m3 electromagnetic field rectangular pulse packets in the frequency bands of 10 мГц to 5,000 kHz creates micro- vibrations. The microstructure of strawberries, the number of cells that have retained their structure and firmness were determined in frozen strawberries. The strawberries retained 25–30% of the cell structure of their total number during traditional freezing, and 65–70% of the cell structure when frozen under micro-vibration. The data of the penetration and shear stress showed that the strawberries frozen under micro-vibration conditions were 10–15% stronger. Thus, freezing strawberries with the additional effect of micro-vibration have a positive effect on the firmness of frozen strawberries. Therefore, it will increase the safety of strawberries during its transportation and packaging.

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