Our team conducted research on the effect of acoustic freezing on the structure parameters of freeze-dried strawberries and published the results of studies in the journal “Storage and Processing of Agricultural Raw Materials”

The study is devoted to the changes in the structure of strawberries, previously frozen in the traditional way under conditions of natural convection or frozen with the application of microvibration. Microvibration was created in the air of a freezer in a laboratory device ABAT-20/1-AEF equipped with a digital frequency synthesizer of an original design, with the generation of electromagnetic fields with a power from 1 to 500 W / m3 with packets of one and two polar rectangular pulses in the frequency ranges 10 MHz – 5000 kHz. The berries, frozen in two variants, were subjected to vacuum freeze-drying at the original laboratory stand SVP-0.36. The paper presents photographs of slices of strawberry samples with various processing options …

Details of the article can be found here  http://ojs.mgupp.ru/index.php/spfp/article/view/175



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