Master class “Innovative food products – freeze-dryed fruit for restaurant service”

On March 27, within the framework of the cooperation agreement of MGUPP with the Turkish company DRYFF DRIED FOOD INDUSTRY STOCK JOINT COMPANY, the department “Technology and biotechnology of food of animal origin” held a master class “Innovative food – sublimated fruit for restaurant service”. The master class was attended by the owners and technologists of restaurants, cafes and bars.
Shokina Victoria – PR director of the company “FRUHRUM” technologist-experimenter, a representative of the Turkish company demonstrated the practical use of freeze-dried fruit in the preparation of cocktails, smoothies, juices and various beverages.
Ph.D., Professor G.V. Semenov He told everyone about vacuum freeze-drying technology. He devoted his speech to the history of the appearance of freeze-drying, its main advantages and development prospects in our country.
About the unique properties of sublimated food products, the features of their use in various products and possible applications in the food industry told Ph.D., Senior Researcher Krasnova I.S.
Ph.D., Associate Professor Volokitina Z.V. She told interesting facts about drying cottage cheese and cottage cheese products with fruit fillings and taught everyone present how to properly restore dried cottage cheese products so that they completely resemble natural cottage cheese.
Ph.D., Associate Professor Ionova I.I. reported on the safety of probiotic microorganisms in fermented milk products and on the prospects for the use of fermented milk products for the northern regions of the country.
Postgraduate student of the department Zarubin N.Yu. reported on the new scientific direction of the department in the creation of beverages based on freeze-dried collagen hydrolysates from secondary raw materials of fish processing plants. In his speech, he emphasized that such drinks are already very widespread in the United States and Europe.
The 3rd year student of the Zudov Timofey department aroused great interest among those present by the demonstration of the sublimated product “Bolognese” developed by him. Technologists of restaurants were extremely surprised by the possibility of creating sublimated dishes of high culinary readiness.
Everyone present tasted sublimated fruits and berries produced by the Turkish company DRYFF DRIED FOOD INDUSTRY STOCK JOINT COMPANY.

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