Knowing productivity (for example 500 kg), whether it is possible to estimate the cost of shop of drying?

The meeting with the customer and discussion of features of installations under specific objectives and raw materials is necessary for estimation of cost.
It is also necessary to know: 500 kg of a product are planned to dry up on 1 installation or it is a full load of all drying shop consisting of several installations with a productivity about 100-250 kg. The shop usually consists of several installations instead of one big not to create peak loadings. The freezer is also necessary, lines of preparation of raw materials, packing, than a washing it is more opposite, suspended ways, etc. All this needs to be counted separately. Whether only installations or with installation are necessary. Whether there is the respective room for installation of installations in it with all necessary communications. The request to describe a product which is planned to dry in more detail since installations for foodstuff, drugs and objects of applied biotechnology can strongly differ at the price and technical characteristics.

In what distinctions between drying sublimation and drying vacuum?

Sublimation drying happens in vacuum with pressure below pressure of threefold point of water phase transition ice-steam (sublimation or freeze-drying). Vacuum drying is also carried out in vacuum, but with pressure pressure of a threefold point of water, that is phase transition liquid-steam are higher (evaporation). Vacuum drying is cheaper sublimation, but quality of the products which are dried up by drying sublimation is much higher.

What cost of the equipment for freeze-drying?

The meeting with the customer and discussion of features of installations under specific objectives and raw materials is necessary for estimation of cost. The cost of sublimation installations, and also the service equipment can differ considerably from appointment, the type of raw materials demanded by the customer of various technical features, productivities, etc. The installations presented on the site it is some of possible options. It is difficult to estimate the cost of the shop, it depends on a number of factors which should be specified at the customer.

What costs of freeze-drying?

Specific costs of 1 kg of remote moisture make about 2,8 kW/hour for freeze-drying. The main part of expenses will be made by raw materials cost. For orientation, we give you the figure received in the conditions of real industrial food production in Russia. Costs of 1 kg of the moisture removed from a product make about 50 rub (all expenses enter here: on the electric power, salaries, etc.).

What equipment is applied to food productions?

For food production depending on the planned volumes the shop is equipped with several installations with a productivity of 300-500 kg of raw materials for 1 cycle of drying which lasts about 8-16 hours for phytogenesis products. installations can have various technical solutions which get out under specific objectives.

What term of production of large installations for the food industry?

Dates of performance of 6 months and more, depending on complexity of the project. Installations of big productivity for the food industry are made only to order.

Whether are available the equipment of small and average productivity?

Yes, installations are available: TG-50, with a productivity of 50 kg for a drying cycle; the UVS-80M installation, with a productivity of 80 kg for a drying cycle; the lz 45.27 installation, raw materials with a productivity of 35 kg for a drying cycle. Larger are made to order.

There is a desire to create drying production. But there is no definiteness neither in volumes, nor in assortment of raw materials. How to be?

Our experience showed that before construction of the big industrial drying enterprise it is necessary to create a trial site for a choice of the range of products, an assessment of productivity and development of the modes of drying. We have installations capable to solve these problems now available.

What period of payback of the equipment?

Payback period of food production of 3-4 years. For the productions using installations of small and average productivity (a farmindustriya, applied biotechnology) term will be shorter because of very expensive products.

Whether it is possible to get at you finished sublimated products or to dry up to order?

We aren’t engaged in sale of products. You need to address to producers. We are engaged in the equipment, and also development of technology and the modes of drying. We can dry up only trial small party for working off of the modes of drying of your product.

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