Vacuum freeze-drying of foodstuff



УДК 664.8/9 ББК 36.91 СЗО

Doctor of Engineering, honorary worker of the highest
professional education, professor V.I. Shipulin;
Doctor of Engineering, honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, professor M.B. Generalov

      Now in our country escalating interest in technology of vacuum sublimation drying of foodstuff, raw materials for their production, dietary supplements and other thermolabile materials is observed.
In the book history of development of theoretical representations and ways of implementation of a highly effective method of dehydration of previously frozen food raw materials and ready-made products, enzymes, pharmaceutical medicines and many other thermolabile materials by means of sublimation of ice in a vacuum in the sparing temperature conditions is described. As a result vacuum sublimation drying provides the level of quality much surpassing this indicator at another the traditional technologies of drying applied today. The role and a contribution of the leading domestic experts to creation of the theory, technology, the equipment and industrial productions are shown. Physical basics of preliminary freezing and the subsequent vacuum dehydration, a heatmass exchange at various options of a power supply are covered in interrelation, stages of engineering calculations of key parameters of process and the equipment, technology and economic indicators of industrial productions.
The book is calculated on a wide range of experts experts, scientists, graduate students and students of food and biotechnological specialties. Also the book is interesting to representatives of business which look for innovative ways of development of the industry of Russia.
This monograph in essence is the second corrected and added edition of the monograph “Vacuum Freeze Drying” – 2013.

ISBN 978-5-9909883-5-4

УДК 664.8/9 ББК 36.91

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