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At the end of February 2020, the International Conference “Factory of the Future” was held

At the end of February 2020, an international conference “Factory of the Future” was held at Moscow State University of Food Production, at which the most important trends in the development of technologies and industrial production in the digital era were considered. One of the reports (Professor G.V. Semenov) was devoted to the development of […]

Our team conducted research on the effect of acoustic freezing on the structure parameters of freeze-dried strawberries and published the results of studies in the journal “Storage and Processing of Agricultural Raw Materials”

The study is devoted to the changes in the structure of strawberries, previously frozen in the traditional way under conditions of natural convection or frozen with the application of microvibration. Microvibration was created in the air of a freezer in a laboratory device ABAT-20/1-AEF equipped with a digital frequency synthesizer of an original design, with […]

Our team published an article “Freezing strawberries when exposed to acoustic microvibrations” in the magazine “Refrigeration equipment” No. 4., 2019, p. 40-43.

The effect of micro-vibration on the structure of strawberries is defined in this article. Strawberries were frozen in two ways. One-half of strawberries were frozen at -30°C under conditions of convective heat exchange. The other half of strawberries were frozen under the same conditions with an additional effect on the strawberries of micro-vibrations created in […]

Radio broadcast station “Vesti FM” at a frequency of 97.6 (in Moscow). Myths and truth about freezing and freeze drying.

The broadcast was broadcast on May 25, 2019. The program “From Mikoyan to Mamikonyan” discussed the topic: Myths and truth about freezing and freeze drying. SANFIROV: Hello, in the studio Valery Sanfirov and Musheg Mamikonyan – Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Stolypin Prize Foundation. And today we hope to dispel the myths […]

Master class “Innovative food products – freeze-dryed fruit for restaurant service”

On March 27, within the framework of the cooperation agreement of MGUPP with the Turkish company DRYFF DRIED FOOD INDUSTRY STOCK JOINT COMPANY, the department “Technology and biotechnology of food of animal origin” held a master class “Innovative food – sublimated fruit for restaurant service”. The master class was attended by the owners and technologists […]

We and our partners, the company DRYFF DRIED FOOD INDUSTRY STOCK JOINT COMPANY from the Republic of Turkey participate in the exhibition Prodexpo 2019

We and our partners, the company DRYFF DRIED FOOD INDUSTRY STOCK JOINT COMPANY from the Republic of Turkey participate in the exhibition Prodexpo 2019

Our team conducts research in a very interesting and modern direction on the use of hydrolyzed fish skin as additives in a wide range of functional products and beverages

The center of the idea is that collagen containing fish skin products are most adapted and biologically correspond to the human body. Hydrolysates are used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. To ensure the manufacturability of hydrolysates, they are subjected to vacuum freeze-drying. The results of our research are presented […]

Friends, colleagues and anyone interested in vacuum freeze-drying! Congratulations on your upcoming New Year 2019! We wish you health, good luck, mastering new technologies and equipment!


On November 29-30, 2018, a scientific and practical conference with international participation “Advanced Food Technologies: Status, Trends, Growth Points” was held at MGUPP. The conference was attended by a professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Semenov G.V. with the report “The current state and development of vacuum freeze drying in the country and in the world.” […]


On October 29–31, 2018, our team members took part in the XVII All-Russian Congress with international participation “Fundamental and applied aspects of nutritiology and dietetics. Medical, preventive and sports nutrition. Some results of our work have passed competitive selection and are included in the collection of works of this congress. You can read the content […]

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