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Freeze-drying equipment

Our Institute of Applied Biotechnology (since 2011 part of the Moscow State University of Food Production) is the leading scientific organization on the theory, technique and technology of vacuum freeze-drying more than 30 years. The staff of our university, Kauhcheshvili E.I., Brazhnikov A.M., Kamovnikov B.P., Zhuravskaya N.K. and others were created by the scientific and practical basis. They wrote numerous works on heat and mass transfer in the process of vacuum dehydration, the choice of regime parameters, controlling the process, development construction vacuum drying equipment and technology of freezing and drying. Under their leadership, created the first samples Russian dryers. On theory, technique and technology of vacuum dehydration at our university defended the order of 10 doctoral and 70 master’s theses. Now work continues under the direction of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Gennady Vyacheslavovich Semenov his disciples. Chief project engineer is a specialist with years of experience — Ph.D. Gluhman Vladimir NIkolaevich. One striking example of practical realization in last few years our research is designed, launched in exploitation and successfully operating plant for freeze-dried products from plant material in Borovsk (Kaluga region). The plant is equipped with a freeze-drying plants capacity of 350-400 kg of raw material for the drying cycle, the design of which was developed under the direction of V.N. Gluhman.

Plant of freeze-drying

Plant of freeze-drying

In the period 1970-1980-ies by our group in conjunction with Scientific and Production Association «Vakuummash» (Kazan) was developed design documentation for freeze-dry equipment УВС-4; 8; 80. We are now ready to work with the machine-building enterprises of the country make big freeze-dryers, which are based will lie design documentation previously performed at a high professional level. Available in ready-to-use vacuum freeze-drying of various capacities for the food industry, pharmaceutical production and application of biotechnology, as well as accessories.
Main characteristics, advantages and potential areas of application of vacuum drying are illustrated and justified by the following factors:
• High level of safety in the dried objects organoleptic characteristics — shape, size, flavor, color, odor. (The new consumer properties and new solutions in the technologies      of storage and distribution of perishable foods).
• High level of safety of heat-labile components — vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, living microorganisms. (Manufacture of food products and baby food functionality, the       pharmaceutical industry, applied biotechnology, preservation of the gene pool of seed plants, the production of high-quality feed for aquarium fish and domestic animals and birds).
• High porosity and hygroscopicity. (Production of efficient catalysts, adsorbents, flocculants).
• Rapid rehydration «piece» of objects, full solubility finely dispersed and powder materials. (Ease of use of the food, drink and medicaments.)
• Low specific weight. (Reducing the cost of transport, the possibility of effective use in situations where weight and volume are important — space, submarine fleet, tourism).
• The low final moisture content of dried materials. (The possibility of long-term storage in a sealed package in a non-regulated temperatures).
• The ability to provide in the dried material such a distribution of components as in the complex composition of the initial solution. (Cryochemical technology for special    purposes).
• Ability to create a new consumer properties in the course rehydration of dried products. (Recovery of minced meat with milk, fruits — liqueur).
• New technologies of traditional foods. (Freeze-dried ice cream for those who use it in the cold kind is contraindicated).
• New technologies original orientation. (Store for years to come wedding bouquets of flowers, for example, dry wet of antique books, taxidermy).

Given in brackets direction and the application freeze drying are not exhaustive. Without a doubt, ahead still lot of interesting new areas of use. For example, the variants are formed in the introduction of freeze drying in nanotechnologies.

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